7 Things Your Newborn Photographer Wants You to Know

harrisburg newborn photographer captures mom with newborn daughter on white background

You’ve chosen a newborn photographer and can’t wait to get photos of the precious new addition to your family! But if you’ve never had a newborn session before, you may not be sure what to expect from the experience. That’s why I want to let you know a few things that newborn photographers wish all their clients knew.

  • Every newborn is unique.

    Just as every family is different, no two babies are exactly alike. One newborn might be perfectly comfortable posed laying on her belly, while another might absolutely hate it. Your photographer will work with you and your newborn to find the positions they’re most comfortable in and will definitely not force your baby into any poses they aren’t willing to do.

  • Pinterest images can be challenging.

    You may have a Pinterest board full of adorable newborn photos, but they might not all work well for your little one or your nursery setup. You may need a specific prop, or your photographer may need a certain kind of lighting equipment to make the image turn out the way you’d like. But, if you have some favorite images you want to recreate, talk to your photographer well in advance so they can do their best to make it happen!

  • We’ve seen it all.

    If your baby pees on the photographer’s set, throws a fit, or just wants to nurse the whole session, don’t be embarrassed. Chances are your photographer has experienced everything from poop all over their props to being peed on. As a newborn photographer, this is their everyday life, and they’re totally understanding. After all, your baby’s needs come before your photos. So, don’t feel like you have to apologize for every little thing that goes wrong. Your photographer is there to support you and work with you.

  • We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves.

    It can be tempting to swoop in and pick up your newborn as soon as they start crying, but most photographers know a variety of ways to sooth little ones. It’s important for parents to use their newborn session as a time to relax and to trust the photographer. If your baby is truly upset and can’t be calmed down, we’ll be sure to pass them on to you for feeding, diapering, or comfort.

  • You should feel free to take a break.

    As the parent of a newborn, you probably haven’t had a moment to yourself in a while. Well, your photo session is the perfect chance to just sit back and relax. Most of the images will be of your baby, so you get to sit on the sidelines, have a cup of coffee, and maybe finally check your email or return some phone calls. And no judgment if you doze off during the session! I’ll wake you when I need you.

  • We want you to share our photos.

    Photographers take images for you to cherish and enjoy, and we want you to share them! Post those photos of your newborn all over social media and send to family and friends. We want our images to be seen! Just be sure to credit your photographer when you share their images on Facebook or Instagram and feel free to recommend them to other expecting parents!

  • Our work doesn’t end with your session.

    Since everyone has a camera on their phone these days, photographers hear a lot about how anyone can take a photo. But a professional does so much more than simply click a button. We set up backdrops and lighting, and we know all the tricks of the trade to make your photos turn out amazing. And once the session is over, we spend hours editing your photos to make them the absolute best they can be, providing you with images you’ll cherish for a lifetime.