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Newborn-Maternity-Family and High School Senior Photographer in Mechanicsburg PA

Newborn-Maternity-Family and High School Senior Photographer in Mechanicsburg PA | 2019 year in review!

As a Newborn-Maternity-Family and High School Senior Photographer in Mechanicsburg PA 2019 was awesome! I’ve captured some of my most favorite images this year. I’ve snuggled, loved and photographed some of the most adorable babies in all of Central PA! I am totally sure of it! I’ve giggled with kiddos, ran around like a nut with toddlers, channeled my youthful soul while capturing high school senior pictures and watched my repeat client families grow up a little more this year. I mean, it will be hard for me to write this post without a few tears. Guys – this is not just my job. This is a genuine labor of love here. Some will say “you shouldn’t be emotionally connected to your job,” but I disagree. I do this with my whole heart. I look back on a year and feel so blessed to have crossed paths with each and every one of my clients. Some it was for the very first time and others who feel like they’ve become old friends. You guys are all gold to me. Every one of you holds a special place in this photographer’s heart of memories.

Now, for a moment of transparency…because, let’s be real-2019 wasn’t all sunshine, unicorns and glitter. It included some unexpected hurdles to jump at times- I guess you could say. This 2019 year required some serious faith to get through the things that are out of my control and the drive to conquer all that is within it. With those two things, the most amazing family, a few very close friends and a whole handful of the greatest clients any photographer could have – Here I am! Happy, healthy, and ready to take on 2020 and all it’s new adventures!

All of these moments that we turned into tangible, keepsake memories mean everything.

Not only to you, but to me. I have a genuine value for family and the people we love most. I know how much it will mean to you forever to have these memories of the babies,children, spouses and EVEN PUPPIES you love. Time will change us all. We’ll grow older as will our children. These moments you allowed me to capture for you are frozen forever. That is priceless. Thank you for trusting me to capture these memories for you this year. Thank you for allowing me to guide you through this process and allow me to help you choose tangible, heirloom artwork for your home so that your children’s children will have these special family memories. They’ll be just as important to you decades from now as they are today!

Let’s talk about 2020!

As we say goodbye to 2019 it’s important to plan for the future! Silly resolution time, I know! But, I’m excited! I’ve got big plans for the new year and I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you who will be a part of it! I will, however, be scheduling limited sessions each month. This keeps me on my A game so that I can give each of you a personal and custom portrait experience. Most important, I’m a mom myself, so being present for my daughter is my biggest priority. I’m all about “being the best version of ourselves” and a good start for me is by not overfilling my plate. I want to give everyone I care about the best version of me! So, with that being said…plan, plan, plan ahead! Yep, I know…lots of us a procrastinators, but it’s best to book your session several months in advance! If you’re expecting a baby this year – it is best to schedule your newborn session before your 3rd trimester. That way, all is set when baby arrives! Newborn session openings fill FAST! If you’re thinking ahead to spring and summer – now is a great time to get the planning started! It is MY MOST FAVORITE time of the year for family photography! Absolutely, positively the most beautiful time of the year! And Fall…welll….i’m still recovering from the past few months. We’ll revisit the idea of fall again soon! Hahaha!

Let’s chat about your family!

I’d love to chat about what makes your family special and how we can capture that for you. I’ll sit down with you and carefully plan all the details to how we will photograph your special people. I’ll walk you through my entire portrait process. Send me a quick message HERE to get in touch with me!

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Essential Questions to Ask a Potential Senior Photographer


Chances are your senior portrait session may be your first time working with a photographer, so you want to make sure you choose someone who can create the images you want to mark this milestone in your life. The right photographer can make all the difference when it comes to getting photos you’ll want to share with everyone you love. 

Not sure how to choose the right photographer for you? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled some questions you should ask of any potential senior photographer become committing to a photo session.

  • What packages do you offer?

    Pricing is often the number one concern when it comes to choosing a photographer. If your parents are paying, be sure to talk to them about a budget for your session, as well as what products they would like before speaking to any photographer. When you speak with a photographer, ask about pricing, different package options, and what’s included with each package. Many photographers offer a certain number of prints or products with your session, while some simply include digital files and rights to all edited images. Know what your options are before you book your photo shoot.

  • Will we have a consultation?

    You don’t want to meet your photographer for the first time at your session. It’s important to have a face-to-face consultation ahead of time so you can both get a better idea of each other’s personalities and whether you would work well together. If a photographer is unwilling to schedule a consultation, they’re probably not as professional as they seem and not a good fit.

  • How would you describe your photography style?

    Every photographer is different. Some may specialize in artistic, posed images, while others prefer a more candid, journalistic style. A photographer may do only studio images, only natural light sessions, or a combination of both. Know ahead of time what style of photos you like best and choose a photographer whose style matches your vision.

  • How many outfits can I have in my session?

    Most photographers have a limit on the number of outfits you can bring to a session, just to ensure that things keep moving and you don’t waste valuable photo time changing clothes. If you have several outfits in mind, but your photographer only allows two, you either need to compromise on your wardrobe choices, pay for additional time, or find a different photographer. It’s important to know ahead of time how many outfits you can wear so you can plan your outfits in advance.

  • When will I receive my images?

    This is especially important if you need your images for graduation announcements or a party. Find out how long it will take to get your images, even if it’s just a general idea. Understand that editing images takes times, and you are not the photographer’s only client, but you also don’t want to wait months to get your images.

  • What are your cancellation and rescheduling policies?

    Life happens, and you may have to reschedule your session or cancel it altogether. It’s important to know ahead of time if you can get a partial or full refund in the event of a cancellation, as well as the policy for rescheduling your session, should the issue arise.

  • Will I have the rights to print my images?

    This is a very important question. If you want to print graduation announcements or even use your senior photo in your yearbook, you need to clear it with the photographer. Many photographers provide rights to all digital images, allowing you to print as many copies as you’d like, but it’s important to be sure before you do so.

    By asking questions and getting answers from any potential senior photographer, you can ensure that you find the right professional who is a perfect match for your personality and can help you get the images you want to mark your high school graduation!

5 Tips on Finding the Right Senior Photographer


Senior portraits have changed a lot in the last few decades. Instead of a formal studio portrait, these images are often taken outside, even at the high school, and feature multiple outfits and poses, allowing students to show off who they are, what they love, and even their plans and dreams for the future.

Choosing a photographer to take your senior photos is important because, like any professional images, these are photos you will want to look back on for years to come. You want to find a photographer you click with, someone with experience and skill who you can trust to capture your personality and help you mark this momentous occasion in your life.

  • Know what style you want

    Different photographers have different styles. Some specialize in posed, stylized portraits, while others go for a more natural look. As you’re researching photographers in your area, look at their images from previous sessions and determine if these are the kind of photos you want from your session.

  • Find someone you connect with

    If you’re not particularly comfortable in front of the camera, it’s especially important to choose a photographer who makes you feel at ease and can answer all your questions. The right photographer will talk to you about what you want and expect from your session and will help plan out locations and even offer wardrobe advice. The more comfortable you feel with your photographer, the better your images will turn out.

  • Look into their credentials

    There are plenty of amateur photographers out there. You want someone who has the experience and skill to create quality images. Talk to potential photographers about their previous work, where they learned photography, any organizations they belong to, and how many years they’ve been taking photos as a profession. If this sounds like a job interview, you’re right—it is! After all, you are hiring a photographer for their services, and you don’t want to hire someone who can’t do the job you want.

  • Read the reviews

    You wouldn’t buy a product on Amazon without reading the reviews. Don’t hire a photographer without looking into what previous clients have said about them. Even better, talk to friends and family in the area and see if they have worked with the photographer before or have any knowledge of how they conduct business.

  • Make sure your parents are happy

    It’s true that your senior session is all about you, but if your parents are paying for it, it’s important that they’re pleased with your photographer and the resulting images from your session. Your graduation is about you and your accomplishments, but it’s also about the people who have supported you along the way.

6 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Senior Session


Congratulations on reaching the end of your high school career! Graduation is a huge moment in any student’s life. Whether you’re preparing to head off to college or start your career, or even if you’re taking a gap year, this moment marks a huge milestone both in your life and the lives of your parents, and it deserves to be celebrated. 

Senior portraits are a perfect way to capture your transition into adult life, but getting in front of the camera can be a little nerve-wracking for some. You may not know how to pose or what expression to have on your face. Do you smile? Do you face the camera or look away? What time of year should you have your photos taken?

Well, we’re here to answer all your questions. In fact, that’s why we put together this list of tips for getting the most out of your senior session and getting images you’ll love. And if you still have questions after reading these tips, feel free to ask!

  • Trust your photographer

    This is the number one tip for any type of photo shoot. You hired a professional to ensure you get images you love and will want to share with family and friends, so trust their expertise. Even if you’ve never worked with a pro photographer before, you can rest assured that they will guide you through poses, making sure they get the best possible shots. When you choose a photographer who specializes in senior portraits, you get to work with someone who has years of experience taking just the type of photos you’re looking for and who is sure to provide you with photos you’ll adore!

  • Be fully present

    You probably hear a lot about mindfulness these days, but one of the best ways to truly enjoy your senior session and feel more comfortable is to simply be in the moment. Don’t stress about your hair or makeup or how you’re standing. Just focus on relaxing and being your genuine self. Talk to your photographer, interact with them, and chances are they’ll encourage a smile or laugh out of you. These small, fun moments are so much more authentic than carefully posed and staged portraits and will allow your true personality to show through your photos.

  • Have fun

    Speaking of showing off your personality, don’t be afraid to look silly, act goofy, or make a funny face. Sometimes a ridiculous pose is just the thing you need to loosen up! Dance around, wave your arms, go frolicking through a field—your senior session is all about you, from the things you love to your high school accomplishments. The more you let yourself relax and have fun, the more you show off who you are, which is exactly what everyone wants to see.

  • Plan out your outfits

    When it comes to choosing what to wear for your session, be sure to think ahead. Choose outfits you love and pieces that make you feel good. If you buy anything new, be sure to wear it and try it out before your session. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable. And don’t forget to take your undergarments into consideration! You don’t want bright underwear showing through your flowing white dress or bra straps peeking out of a cute blouse. Plan your whole outfit down to your accessories to make sure everything goes together.

  • Get your makeup and hair professionally done

    You may be a pro at makeup, but the skills of a licensed makeup artist can ensure that you look perfect in every photo. A professional can also help make sure your makeup doesn’t run or smear during your session. The same goes for a professional hair stylist, who can style your hair in a way that looks amazing on you and holds through all your posing and outfit changes. [If you include makeup and hair with your sessions, be sure to mention it here.]

  • Only bring people who make you feel at ease

    You don’t want a crowd at your photo session, so be sure to only invite along people who bring out the best in you and let you be your true self. It’s natural to bring a parent along (chances are they’re probably footing the bill for your session), but only include other friends or family members if you feel comfortable around them. If someone is there who makes you feel awkward, your images will come out inauthentic, and we want the real you to shine through!

What to Wear for Your Senior Session


You’re getting closer to graduation every day, and you may even have developed a case of senioritis. Senior portraits are the perfect way to commemorate this exciting time in your life, but choosing what to wear for your session can be a challenge. How do you express your personality while avoiding outfits that will look dated in the years to come?

To help you pick the perfect outfits to mark your high school graduation, we put together a few tips so you’re not staring at your closet helplessly on the day of your session!

  • Avoid bright colors

    We love color as much as anyone, but bright colors can distract from the subject of your photos: you. Some bright colors will even wash out your skin and clash with your surroundings. Instead, go with neutral colors or jewel tones (think gray, blue, and dark green) that flatter any skin tone and pair perfectly with both garden or park backgrounds and a more urban setting.

  • Choose from the clothes you own

    The best way to express your personality is through clothing you already own and love. While we definitely won’t stop you from buying something new, doing so means you run the risk of something not fitting or not looking right on the day of your session, and then you have to come up with a last-minute plan B. The perfect outfit for you looks like you. If you have a favorite dress or shirt, wear it!

  • Stay away from graphic tees

    You may love a certain band or movie right now, but who knows what your taste will be even five to 10 years in the future. While a solid T-shirt is a great casual look, a graphic tee or shirt with words on it can really date your photos or even create cringe-worthy images where only part of a word or phrase is shown. The only exception to this rule is a school T-shirt that shows off your mascot or an organization you participate in and love.

  • Show off your culture

    Even if you don’t wear traditional clothes from your culture to school, they can be a beautiful choice for your senior portraits. Whatever your heritage, clothing is a great way to express it and a timeless choice for your images. After all, your session is all about you, and what better way to show your personality than to celebrate your heritage.

  • Pick versatile—and comfortable—outfits

    When taking your senior portraits, your photographer will likely have you in a variety of poses, so make sure you choose outfits. that are comfortable and look good whether you’re standing, sitting, or even lying down. Constantly having to readjust can be annoying, and an overly tight or restrictive outfit really limits the amount of poses available to you. Never choose looking good over comfort—you can definitely have both!

  • Think about your underwear

    What you wear under your clothes is just as important as the clothes themselves. If you’re planning on wearing white, you don’t want brightly colored underwear that shows through your clothes or a bra that clearly shows through your blouse. As for guys, you don’t want your boxers peeking out from your pants or bunching up under your shorts. When you’re choosing your outfits for your session, try them on with underwear to make sure everything looks good and fits right.

  • Add a little variety

    Chances are you have more than one style, and your outfit choices should reflect that. Your best bet is to choose both a casual outfit (think jeans and a fun tee) and a more formal outfit, like a dress or suit jacket. You don’t want all your portraits to look exactly the same, and having different styles gives your images more variety and will give you even more photos to love.