Hershey PA Family Photography: 3 Common Concerns You Don’t Have to Worry About

The idea of organizing a family photo shoot can be stressful for many parents - I get it! You already have a busy schedule, so how will you find the time for the session, finding outfits, and all the other details? What if you spend all that time and don’t like how you look in the photos? I completely understand, and I’m here to help! The good news is that you don’t have to stress about your Hershey PA family photography as much as you think you do. These are some common concerns I’ve noticed among parents and why you can set your worries aside.

Picking Out Family Photo Outfits

This is a part of the planning that many families stress over, but when you have the help of a professional photographer, it’s so much easier than you think! During your in-person consultation, we’ll talk about color palettes and what I suggest for your family. As you’re choosing outfits, you can even send me pictures and I’ll let you know what I recommend.

Looking Your Best in Your Photos

So many people worry that they won’t like how they look in their photos, especially if you don’t like how you look in selfies and quick photos you take on your phone. But trust me, having a professional photographer is a whole different ball game! The families in the photos you see throughout my website aren’t models, they’re real people in the local area that I’ve photographed. Rest assured that I’ll guide your posing and other details to make sure I highlight your best side (and do the same for everyone in your family).

Creating a Display for Your Family Photos

Another common worry families have is that they’ll invest their time, energy, and money into a beautiful family photo shoot and then be lost when it comes to displaying those portraits. After all, it’s not easy to find a great printing provider, figure out a display design that will look wonderful in your home, order the prints, and then hang them up. That’s why I make sure my clients can skip all that work! We’ll meet together to go over your portraits and choose your favorites, and I’ll help you design and order a stunning display that’s perfect for your home.

Let’s Get Started with Your Worry-Free Hershey PA Family Photography

So much of the family photography experience depends on the photographer you hire. I make sure that every one of my clients has an enjoyable, low-stress experience. Contact Karissa Zimmer Photography and let’s start planning yours!