Why You Should Still Get Family Photos with Your Adult Children: Camp Hill PA Family Photos at Every Age

If you flip through my gallery of Camp Hill PA family photos (and just about any gallery of family portraits, actually), you’ll mostly see photos of parents with their young kids. And sure, young families make up most of my family photography clients. But I’ve watched so many families enjoy the magic of family portraits when their children are adults too. There are so many reasons why family photography is still so important when you have adult children.

Celebrating Unique Stages of Life with Camp Hill PA Family Photos

One of the most beautiful things about families is that these are such living, dynamic relationships. Your relationships with your children (and often your relationship with your spouse or partner) are so very different when your children are adults than when they were little. Your relationships will even continue to change throughout your children’s adulthoods as each person in the family changes.

A family photo session creates lifelong mementoes of not only what your family looked at this moment in time but also mementoes of who you each are and of the bonds you share at this time in your lives. Your family should be honored and celebrated just as much at this age as you did when your children were kids.

Photographing Your Expanding Family

As your children grow up, chances are that your family is about to expand! Maybe your children will bring a spouse or partner into the family, and/or have children of their own. Having family portraits throughout the years is a wonderful way to someday be able to look back and watch as your family grew and changed. No matter what age your child is today, you’ll one day cherish the memories of this time and you’ll be so glad to have professional portraits to bring back those memories.

Create a Shared Heirloom for Distant Family Members

It’s so common these days for young adults (and middle-aged adults) to move away from their hometown. Whether they’re moving for a new job or military orders, to be near their partner’s family, or just for a change of scenery and to strike out on new adventures, sometimes these moves can be sudden. A portrait of your family together is a fantastic way for all of you to keep a piece of each other in your homes, no matter how near or far you are.

Creating New Family Memories

As your children grow up, they get busy with their new adult lives – careers, dating, friends, travel, the works! Before you know it you have less and less time to spend together. But a family photo session is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some quality time together and create fun memories while also creating an heirloom that will last.

Contributing to Your Own Legacy for the Future with Camp Hill PA Family Photos

It might not be the most fun thing to think about, but one day you will leave this world and your children will want photos to remember you and all the times you shared together. They don’t only want to remember you as you were in their childhood but as you were in later years as well. It’s a beautiful gift for them to have portraits of your family across the many different chapters of your lives.

Booking Your Camp Hill PA Family Photos

If you want to celebrate the changing stages of your family’s life, it’s so important not to overlook your children’s adult years. To get your Camp Hill PA family photos on the calendar, reach out and let’s chat!

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