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Harrisburg Maternity Portrait Tips for Couples

If you ever want to get a mom to chat, ask her about her pregnancy experience and she’ll have hours’ worth of stories to tell. Pregnancy is a stage of life that is so unlike any other, between the experience of the pregnancy itself and the anticipation of knowing you’ll soon meet the child who will change your life forever. That’s why your Harrisburg maternity portrait will become such a treasured heirloom.

While the mom-to-be is, of course, the star of maternity portraits, many couples want to include both partners in some of their photos to celebrate their growing family together. How do you make those couple maternity portraits truly spectacular? On top of hiring a photographer who specializes in maternity portraits, use these top tips.

Choose an Aesthetic That Feels Genuine for Your Harrisburg Maternity Portrait Session

Your maternity portraits should be a celebration of you and your family, so you’ll notice that every maternity photo shoot looks different. Some have a dramatic look, others are bright and airy, some have a very earthy, nature-focused vibe, some are more conventional, and so on.

You want an aesthetic for your portraits that feels authentic to you as a couple. Take some time to think about what aesthetic style you want for your portraits and pick out some examples from your photographer’s gallery that reflect the look you like. During consultations with my Harrisburg maternity portrait clients, I chat with them about their vision and design a session that centers around them.

Communicate Your Comfort Level

You may be aware that in maternity photo shoots, it’s very common to have some level of nudity. There may be portraits in which the parents are shirtless together, or the mom-to-be may be fully nude with flowy fabrics covering select areas, for example. This is a popular look because it highlights the majestic beauty of pregnancy.

As beautiful as nude and semi-nude portraits can be, not everyone is comfortable showing this much skin, and that is perfectly fine. If you’ll both be in your maternity portraits, let your photographer know what each of you is and is not comfortable with.

Choose Outfits Together

Planning outfits can be challenging for a photo shoot, and the more people are involved, the more strategic you need to be. As you’re planning outfits for your maternity portrait session, make sure you and your partner choose outfits that coordinate with each other, rather than each of you choosing outfits separately. Make sure your outfits fit the overall aesthetic you’re going for. I’m happy to look over the outfits you’re considering and offer suggestions. When in doubt, it never hurts to bring extra options!

Focus on Each Other

One of the reasons I love featuring couples in maternity portraits is the opportunity to capture the love between them and the excitement of growing their family. During your maternity photo session, try not to think about the camera and the photos. As your photographer poses you and has you gazing at the baby bump or looking into your partner’s eyes, think about the love of your life and the new baby you have on the way.

When you bring your mindset back to this love and excitement, it shows in your eyes and your authentic smile. You’ll be thrilled when you see how all that emotion comes out in your portraits, and the portraits will be an even more special memento of the way you felt during this time in your life.

Creating Magical Harrisburg Maternity Portraits for Couples

Great maternity portraits for you and your partner start and end with an excellent photographer who knows maternity photography and knows how to capture your genuine joy. As a Harrisburg maternity portrait photographer, I’d be thrilled to help you and your partner preserve this incredible time in your lives with custom photography.

To book your maternity session or to learn more about the process, contact Karissa Zimmer Photography today and let’s get started.

Camp Hill Maternity Photography: Myths and Facts

As a photographer who is fortunate enough to take many Camp Hill maternity photography portraits, I love helping moms-to-be plan for this amazing and fulfilling experience. As glad as I am to answer all questions my clients have, I’ve also noticed that there are many myths and misunderstandings about maternity photography. To help you have a better understanding of maternity portraiture and what you can expect, I’ve dedicated this blog to clearing up some of those common myths.

Myth: You Can Take DIY Maternity Portraits

I understand the impulse to try to take your own maternity portraits. Babies are expensive, so in the midst of trying to budget for adding a new member to your family, it makes sense to want to save money wherever you can.

When it comes to maternity photography, though, that can backfire. For one, DIY maternity photos aren’t as cost-effective as you might think. When you hire a professional photographer, you get access to luxury maternity gowns, top-of-the-line photography equipment, props, a perfected photo studio, potentially a professional makeup artist, and more.

Funding the essentials on your own will be pricey. After all those costs, you still won’t have access to the skill, expertise, and attention to detail that a professional photographer can provide.

Second, quite frankly, professional maternity photography is an investment you deserve to make. You should be able to relax, have fun, and put the work in the hands of a professional while you just enjoy this celebration of your growing family.

Myth: Maternity Portraits Are a Stressful, Work-Intensive Project

I get it – you’re already busy getting ready for your baby so the thought of adding to your to-do list is exhausting. Don’t worry, because if you hire the right photographer, the process will be far easier than you expect.

In my Camp Hill maternity photography, I’ve designed my client experience to be able to guide you smoothly through every part of the process. I’ll get an understanding of your likes and dislikes and then handle all the planning for you. I even help you order the finished portraits you love and manage the process of getting your portraits to you. With less work and time than you expect, you can have once-in-a-lifetime portraits you’ll treasure forever.

Myth: Camp Hill Maternity Photography Is Only for Women with Perfectly Sculpted Bodies

So many women are self-conscious about their pregnant bodies and worry about how they’ll look in their maternity portraits. First of all, allow me to say this: every body is beautiful, and every pregnant body is utterly gorgeous. Your body is working a miracle, and even though it looks different than the body you’re used to, it’s stunning and it deserves to be celebrated.

As a maternity photographer, I’m not just an expert in composing photos; I’m an expert in making every person look their best in photos. I know precisely how to pose you and how to work the lighting to capture your most flattering and beautiful angles.

Myth: Maternity Photos Are Too Sexy for My Taste

You’ve probably seen tons of maternity portraits that are sexy and revealing, with plenty of skin showing – or perhaps entirely nude. If that’s not your style, it might seem intimidating or seem as if maternity photos aren’t your cup of tea.

In every Camp Hill maternity photography session, I have only one focus: you! I tailor every photo shoot to my client and the aesthetic you want. Your maternity portraits can be whatever you want them to be, whether that means sensual and edgy, modest and traditional, or anything in between. We can incorporate a variety of styles into your session as well. Regardless, rest assured that you won’t be pushed to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.

The Next Steps in Your Camp Hill Maternity Photography Journey

I hope that clearing up these common myths about maternity portraits has given you a better understanding of this artistic and sentimental type of portraiture and what you can expect during the process. If you want to learn more or chat with me about booking your Camp Hill maternity photography session, contact my photo studio today. 

How to Prepare for Your Family Maternity Photos in Camp Hill

Congratulations on your pregnancy, Mama! For all its aches and pains, pregnancy is truly a beautiful time in your life and it’s the start of the most incredible journey. It will be over before you know it, so don’t miss your opportunity to preserve that pregnancy glow on a canvas with maternity portraits. For many moms who are expecting their second, third, or fourth (or later!) child, their pregnancy is a special shared experience for their family, so naturally, they want to include the whole family in their maternity pictures. I happen to love working with kids, so some of my favorite photos to take are family maternity photos in Camp Hill, PA!

You can get your photography session started on the right foot with a little preparation. Follow these tips for a magical family maternity portrait session.

Have an Aesthetic in Mind

Moms are notorious for putting their kids first and themselves last, but your maternity photo session is ultimately about you! Think about how you want your portraits to look. Imagine where you want to display them in your home and what aesthetic you want to capture. As your hometown maternity photographer, I can take your vision and bring it to life by giving you personal guidance on color palettes and wardrobe ideas that will create the look you want.

Choose Your Dream Location for Your Family Maternity Photos in Camp Hill

Now that you have a vision in mind for your family maternity portraits, you want to choose the perfect backdrop for those pictures. Luckily for all of my clients planning family maternity photos in Camp Hill, PA, our area has countless gorgeous outdoor locations ripe for portraits. I have a few favorites that I’ll be happy to share during our consultation. Or, if you prefer, we can plan an indoor session in your home instead. Many of my clients opt for stunning photos within their baby’s nursery.

Plan a Bag of Tricks for Your Kids

We live in the age of social media, so you’ve probably snapped countless pictures of your kids at home. You know, then, how difficult it can be to coax a smile out of a young child at just the right time. Kids who are shy smilers tend to be just as shy during a professional photo session too.

You know your kids better than anyone so you know how to make them smile. Try bringing a “bag of tricks” like a puppet that always gets a giggle, a sound that makes them smile or gets their attention, or other tricks and tools to help me get plenty of shots of those heart-warming smiles.

Invest in Yourself!

Let’s all be honest: pregnancy is stressful. There’s always so much to do to prepare for your baby. For the day of your family maternity photos in Camp Hill, PA, though, you deserve to just relax and get pampered like the queen you are. Consider scheduling professional hair and makeup services so you can look your best without adding more work to your plate.

Consider Bringing a Helping Hand to Your Family Maternity Photos in Camp Hill

As much as you’ll love having maternity photos of your entire family, you’ll also want some portraits that specifically highlight you and your bond with your beloved baby, or you and your significant other. Trust me, the last thing you want to be doing is struggling to watch and discipline your kids while you’re posing for portraits.

You might think about bringing along someone like a friend, nanny, or grandparent to help keep an eye on the kiddos while you and your significant other are in front of the camera. Or, you could arrange for someone to pick up your kids when their photos are done and take them to a playdate until you’re done with your own photos.

Communicate with Your Photographer

This is a biggie! Remember that family maternity photos in Camp Hill, PA are what I do on a daily basis. I’m not just here to snap pictures – I’m here to make the entire process easy and stress-free for you while creating spectacular images you’ll treasure forever. Keep an open line of communication and let me know what you want from your session, what sentimental items you might want to incorporate, and so on. With your vision in mind, I can take it from there and create an experience you’ll lovingly remember throughout your baby’s life.

Schedule Your Family Maternity Photos in Camp Hill

Ready to take the leap and start planning your amazing family maternity photos? Call my Camp Hill, PA photography studio today to book your session and start building your dream with my help.