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Newborn-Maternity-Family and High School Senior Photographer in Mechanicsburg PA

Newborn-Maternity-Family and High School Senior Photographer in Mechanicsburg PA | 2019 year in review!

As a Newborn-Maternity-Family and High School Senior Photographer in Mechanicsburg PA 2019 was awesome! I’ve captured some of my most favorite images this year. I’ve snuggled, loved and photographed some of the most adorable babies in all of Central PA! I am totally sure of it! I’ve giggled with kiddos, ran around like a nut with toddlers, channeled my youthful soul while capturing high school senior pictures and watched my repeat client families grow up a little more this year. I mean, it will be hard for me to write this post without a few tears. Guys – this is not just my job. This is a genuine labor of love here. Some will say “you shouldn’t be emotionally connected to your job,” but I disagree. I do this with my whole heart. I look back on a year and feel so blessed to have crossed paths with each and every one of my clients. Some it was for the very first time and others who feel like they’ve become old friends. You guys are all gold to me. Every one of you holds a special place in this photographer’s heart of memories.

Now, for a moment of transparency…because, let’s be real-2019 wasn’t all sunshine, unicorns and glitter. It included some unexpected hurdles to jump at times- I guess you could say. This 2019 year required some serious faith to get through the things that are out of my control and the drive to conquer all that is within it. With those two things, the most amazing family, a few very close friends and a whole handful of the greatest clients any photographer could have – Here I am! Happy, healthy, and ready to take on 2020 and all it’s new adventures!

All of these moments that we turned into tangible, keepsake memories mean everything.

Not only to you, but to me. I have a genuine value for family and the people we love most. I know how much it will mean to you forever to have these memories of the babies,children, spouses and EVEN PUPPIES you love. Time will change us all. We’ll grow older as will our children. These moments you allowed me to capture for you are frozen forever. That is priceless. Thank you for trusting me to capture these memories for you this year. Thank you for allowing me to guide you through this process and allow me to help you choose tangible, heirloom artwork for your home so that your children’s children will have these special family memories. They’ll be just as important to you decades from now as they are today!

Let’s talk about 2020!

As we say goodbye to 2019 it’s important to plan for the future! Silly resolution time, I know! But, I’m excited! I’ve got big plans for the new year and I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you who will be a part of it! I will, however, be scheduling limited sessions each month. This keeps me on my A game so that I can give each of you a personal and custom portrait experience. Most important, I’m a mom myself, so being present for my daughter is my biggest priority. I’m all about “being the best version of ourselves” and a good start for me is by not overfilling my plate. I want to give everyone I care about the best version of me! So, with that being said…plan, plan, plan ahead! Yep, I know…lots of us a procrastinators, but it’s best to book your session several months in advance! If you’re expecting a baby this year – it is best to schedule your newborn session before your 3rd trimester. That way, all is set when baby arrives! Newborn session openings fill FAST! If you’re thinking ahead to spring and summer – now is a great time to get the planning started! It is MY MOST FAVORITE time of the year for family photography! Absolutely, positively the most beautiful time of the year! And Fall…welll….i’m still recovering from the past few months. We’ll revisit the idea of fall again soon! Hahaha!

Let’s chat about your family!

I’d love to chat about what makes your family special and how we can capture that for you. I’ll sit down with you and carefully plan all the details to how we will photograph your special people. I’ll walk you through my entire portrait process. Send me a quick message HERE to get in touch with me!

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Family Photographer in Harrisburg Pa

Family Photographer in Harrisburg Pa - The Norman Family

Family Photographer in Harrisburg Pa - The Norman Family. I love when families get together as a large group to be photographed together. It shows just how much they value one another and having visual memories together. Families are ever evolving and changing. To have a memory of your family just as it is now, at the ages you are and at the stage of life your children are in is always something so special to remember. No matter what season in life you are in. These are your people. This is your tribe. There is nothing more important than the ones we love.

The Norman's Fall family session was purchased as a very special Mother's Day gift in the spring. HOW SWEET IS THAT? How many gifts can you give your mom that she is LITERALLY GOING TO HAVE FOREVER!? Gifts you are going to have forever, your children are going to have forever and they're going going to be able to pass to their children. There are not many that I can think of! This may have been a Mother's Day present, but I think Dad is getting just as much joy out of seeing his family's portraits on the walls of his home everyday too!

Families that have fun together are the best! If you know me, you know I am not at all a "super serious" girl. I thrive on laughter and humor and totally encourage all of this silliness! These memories are just as important as the sweet ones!

It's time to book NOW for Fall family portraits!

It's that time of year...FALL portrait season! It may still seem early, but it's absolutely NOT too early to book your fall family portrait session. Openings almost always fill before the actual fall season begins. Send me a message HERE today to start planning your own custom portrait session!

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Family Photographer near Hershey Pa

Family photographer near Hershey Pa - Will work for smiles! :)

Are you looking for a family photographer near Hershey Pa? I just might be your girl! I feel so blessed when clients all over Central Pa contact and choose me to be their family's photographer. It means they trust in me to capture and preserve something very special to them - visual memories of the people they love the most.

I had so much fun working with this cute family. Believe it or not, these were their first professional portraits together as a family! We got to spend two evenings together - thanks to some rainy weather on our first planned session evening! Two evenings = two sessions = two locations = twice my lame jokes for smiles = twice the fun!

I truly love getting to know my clients, what makes them tick, and how they connect as a family. Connection in my portraits is important to me, so we worked for this here! And I will never forget this little girl's infectious giggle laugh every time I asked her parents to "show me that they love each other!" She thought it was hilarious which made me laugh too! If you know me, you know there is nothing I enjoy more than laughter and humor. Sometimes that means I have to act like a big kid, get a little goofy and into their world a little bit because that's when I can really capture who they are as a child. Trust me, those are the memories you'll want forever!

Is it time to update your family portraits? The most popular time of year for family photography is almost here! FALL! Don't wait till last minute - Let's start planning today! Send me a quick message HERE to chat about planning a fun fall session for your Family! I can't wait to work with you!

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Lucas {Mechanicsburg Pa Children’s Portraits}

It's an honest fact that i'm passionate about creating children's portraits...I'm even more excited about it when it's for someone I love!

Lucas is a special little guy to me.  He belongs to one of my nearest and dearest friends.  I love watching my all of my friend's babies grow up and being able to capture these special phases for them to cherish forever.

Mechanicsburg Pa Child Photographer Family Photography Mechanicsburg Pa Newborn Photography 17011 Newborn Photography 17050 Newborn Photographer Mechanicsburg PA Child Photography 17050

We couldn't have had a more perfect evening for his fall portrait session. It was such a late fall with all the warm temperatures (that we're now paying for- with these FREEZING temps!) and were so lucky that his November shoot was bursting with brilliant colors!

Mechanicsburg Pa Child Photographer Family Photography Camp Hill Pa Newborn Photography 17011 Newborn Photography 17050 Newborn Photographer Mechanicsburg PA 0082Mechanicsburg Pa Child Photographer Family Photography Mechanicsburg Pa Newborn Photography 17011 Newborn Photography 17050 Newborn Photographer Mechanicsburg PA_0081

One of my favorite parts of my portrait process is being able to show my clients how their finished images will look on the walls of their own home. Of course, my absolute favorite product that I offer and love show show are The The Organic Bloom frames.  Lucas' portraits look so beautiful finished and framed in Organic Bloom frames. Portraits of the ones you love are meant to be printed and displayed on the walls of your home where they can be cherished and enjoyed everyday!

Newborn Photography baby photographer Mechanicsburg PA Newborn photographer_0087

It's never too early to start planning a custom portrait session for your children and family. Although I love Fall Portrait sessions a ton...I  really love SPRING and SUMMER sessions even more! The weather is comfortable, Spring and Summer lighting is beautiful and there isn't a need for layers of clothing!  Send me a message here and we'll work together to plan a special portrait session to capture your family's story forever.

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