Why Not to DIY Your York PA Newborn Photos

Your baby’s first portraits will always be a treasured heirloom for your family. But the idea of investing the time and resources into a professional photo shoot sounds overwhelming for some parents, so naturally, some families try to take their own newborn photos. While these can still be photos you love, it can also be heartbreaking if you try a DIY approach and it doesn’t go the way you hope. In fact, there are several reasons why I advise against DIY York PA newborn photos.

Your Baby’s Safety

Safety is my top priority in every newborn session, and I know that it’s your first priority for your baby too. There are tricks and techniques to newborn photography to create the looks and poses you want while making sure that baby’s head is supported and baby is safe at all times, and unless you have had specialized training in newborn photography safety, you have no way to know these practices. Many of the newborn photos you see on Pinterest aren’t just posed and photographed the way they look, so it’s important not to try to recreate them on your own

Missing Your Window

For many different projects, you can try a DIY option and then, if it doesn’t work out the way you had hoped, you can call a professional to take over. With newborn photography, though, that isn’t really an option. Ideally, you want your baby’s newborn photos to be taken in their first 10 days after birth…but it can take a few months to get on a photographer’s schedule. So if you try to take your own newborn portraits but they don’t turn out as great as you had hoped, you will have missed the time window for your ideal newborn portraits.

Getting Quality Portraits

Simply put, your baby’s newborn photos are special, once-in-a-lifetime portraits, and you deserve for them to be amazing! Even though phone cameras and consumer cameras have come a long way, they just aren’t a match for the quality newborn photos you’ll get from a professional photographer who has in-depth experience and knowledge, not to mention a professional-quality camera.

Planning Your York PA Newborn Photos

Getting professional newborn photos can be an easy, low-stress process – after all, it’s designed for families who have just given birth and are adjusting to life with a newborn. I’ll make the experience a relaxed and enjoyable one so you have nothing to worry about. Contact Karissa Zimmer Photography and let’s chat!