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Should You Have Mechanicsburg Cake Smash Photos for Your Baby’s First Birthday?

If your baby’s first birthday is coming up, a custom first birthday photo session is the perfect way to mark the occasion in a fun way that also creates sentimental portraits your family will love. It’s become a popular tradition to have Mechanicsburg cake smash photos as part of your baby’s first birthday photos. Should you have a cake smash photo session for your little one like the little guy in these photos? What are the pros and cons, and some fun alternatives if you decide to go a different way?

Why is Cake Smash Photography a First Birthday Tradition?

Why do we take cake smash photos as a first birthday tradition, anyway? It’s become popular in the US in the last decade or so. No one’s quite sure where the tradition started – it may be an homage to a Mexican first birthday tradition, or a callback to the tradition of brides and grooms smashing cake in each other’s faces at their wedding. Or maybe it’s just because when you give a baby a cake or cupcake to celebrate their birthday, they mostly just smash it between their fingers and play around with it, and cake smash photos capture that cuteness in a more aesthetic way than taking snapshots during their birthday party.

Regardless of where it started, cake smash photography can be a cute and fun way to celebrate your little one’s first birthday!

Are Mechanicsburg Cake Smash Photos the Best Option for Your Baby’s First Birthday?

Cake smash photography is entirely a question of personal preference. I love working with families to honor their baby’s landmark first birthday, whether they choose a cake smash or not!

There are, of course, pros and cons. A lot of parents love cake smash photos as a fun and lighthearted tradition. It can be so cute to watch your little one playing in the cake and exploring something new, getting adorably messy in the process.

Some parents just aren’t fans, though. You might not like the messy aesthetic. Some parents feel that a cake smash encourages their kids to eat sugar or exposes their kids to sugar before they’d like to, or that it encourages their baby to be messy with food.

It all comes down to your vision for your baby’s first birthday photos – there’s no right or wrong here.

Ideas for First Birthday Photos Without a Cake Smash

If you don’t want cake smash photos, you can still get a fabulous first birthday photo shoot for your baby! In fact, my first birthday photography sessions include many different portraits and sets, and for parents who want cake smash photos, this is just one part of the session.

Some parents like to split the difference and still have a “smash,” but with something besides cake. These can be a fun way to do a twist on the tradition! For example, instead of cake you could use:

  • Watermelon or other fruits
  • Donuts or other pastries
  • Pasta
  • Pancakes
  • Pie

Booking Your Mechanicsburg Cake Smash Photos or First Birthday Photos

First birthday photography is a beautiful way to celebrate a milestone for your family, and whether or not you want a cake smash, I’ll create fun and sentimental portraits you’ll be able to cherish. Contact Karissa Zimmer Photography and let’s start planning your baby’s session!

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When to Book First Birthday Photos in Hershey PA

Your little one’s first birthday is an occasion you start dreaming about as soon as your child is born. It marks the end of what might be the most life-changing year for your family, and a year of amazing growth and change for your little one. What better way to celebrate than with first birthday photos in Hershey PA?

If you’re looking ahead to your child’s first birthday cake smash photos, how soon should you book your session and start planning? As a baby photographer, I’m happy to share my advice.

The Short Answer: Book a Couple Months Ahead

I accept a limited number of photo sessions each month to make sure that I can give every client my undivided attention to make their portraits special. That means my schedule tends to book up a few months in advance. If you want your baby’s photo session to be right around their first birthday, I recommend that you contact me 1-4 months in advance to schedule your session.

The Longer Answer: Taking Other Factors Into Account

Booking a couple of months before your child’s birthday is great if you don’t have a particular date you want their portraits to arrive. But if you do have specific plans for your photos, you’ll want to plan ahead further.

For example, some parents want to unveil the portraits at their baby’s first birthday party. In this case, you’ll need to plan the photo session far enough in advance to allow time for editing and for ordering your wall art or any other display you choose. How far in advance you book can vary because some displays and prints may take longer to arrive than others, and we can discuss your specific plans when you book your session.

Ultimately, if you do have a specific date when you want to have your child’s cake smash portraits or one year portraits, reach out to my studio as early as possible. That way, we can talk it through and I’ll give you a recommendation on when we should schedule your session.

Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Photos in Hershey PA

Let’s chat about your vision for your baby’s one year portraits! Contact Karissa Zimmer Photography and we’ll start planning the fun.

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Why Book a Session for Cake Smash Photos in Camp Hill PA

Your baby’s first year is one of the most unique and incredible experiences of life, getting to know your new child and watching them discover the world. If you want to do something truly special to mark the occasion, what about cake smash photos in Camp Hill PA? A cake smash session is a beautiful gift for both yourself and your child, giving you both a fun and exciting experience along with portraits you’ll always treasure.

Why is a cake smash session the perfect first birthday gift? I’ll tell you!

Celebrate a Once-in-a-Lifetime Milestone

Your baby only turns one year old once! This is a fabulous milestone to celebrate - it’s the transition from infancy to toddlerhood, and before you know it, your baby will be walking and talking like a pro. Celebrating with a party is great, and you can still throw a party, but cake smash photos create a gift that will become an heirloom for the whole family to enjoy.

Participate in the Fun Tradition of Cake Smash Photos in Camp Hill PA

Cake smash photography is a tradition that families throughout the US have loved and it only seems to be growing in popularity. Think of it as a more lasting version of the tradition of everyone gathering around to watch your baby playfully dig into their first birthday cake…with the benefit of a professional photographer.

Get Portraits Full of Personality

One year is such a fun age for babies. Their little personality is starting to develop and shine through, so every day feels like a new discovery. That makes cake smash photos even better because you can capture those precious giggles and quirks on camera. I can even style your baby’s cake smash session to fit your child’s personality and your family’s style so it’s a true memento of this time in your family’s life.

Booking Your Cake Smash Photos in Camp Hill PA

Have a beautiful baby that’s nearing their first birthday? Let’s chat about a cake smash session! Book your cake smash photography today.

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Your Baby’s Mechanicsburg First Birthday Photos: How to Make Them Unique

Your baby’s first birthday is an exciting occasion that deserves to be celebrated! The tradition of a cake smash portrait session is always a fun one, but some parents want to make their babies’ photos stand out or make them more personal. How can you mix it up for your baby’s Mechanicsburg first birthday photos? Try these creative ideas.

Bring In Your Own Personality

You have a one-of-a-kind personality as a family, so why shouldn’t your baby’s portraits match? Instead of sticking with a classic look for your cake smash, consider what makes you and your family unique. I’m always happy to create a session in your style, whether that’s earthy, modern chic, girly, sporty, or anything else.

Consider a Fun Theme for Your Mechanicsburg First Birthday Photos

Get truly adventurous and try out a themed photo session. The theme could be anything - a visual theme like boho or the ‘80s, a movie or TV show, a holiday, and so on. The combination of wardrobe pieces and set designs can bring your theme to life and make your baby’s portraits unforgettable.

Try a “Non-Cake” Smash

Who says cake smash photos have to have a cake? Some families mix it up by having their babies smash something different. It could be a plate of pasta, a pie, doughnuts, or pancakes. You could try non-food items, too, like a sand castle, playdough, or non-toxic paints.

Collaborate with Your Photographer to Design Your Mechanicsburg First Birthday Photos

Not sure how to make your baby’s one-year portraits stand out? I’m happy to help! Photographers are artists after all, and I love to work my creative muscles and design a truly unique session. Take the featured photo session in this blog for example - one of my all-time favorites! Mom and I had a blast planning her little girl’s “Here Comes the Sun” themed session. I put a lot of love into the design and even had my daughter help by making the balloon garland.

Ready to get creative? Contact Karissa Zimmer Photography and let’s start dreaming up your session!

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A Baby Boy Cake Smash Session in Mechanicsburg: Why Your Little Boy Deserves One Too

You’ve made it through your baby’s first year! How do you celebrate? Why not with a cake smash photo session? For several reasons, a baby boy cake smash session in Mechanicsburg is a gift that just keeps giving, a birthday celebration you and your family will treasure.

Celebrate a Special Occasion

Your baby’s first birthday is a major milestone! It’s the first of many birthdays you’ll have with them and it’s a time to reflect on all the amazing ways they have changed in a year. A photo session isn’t just a birthday celebration, it’s a birthday celebration that will last forever because the portraits will be a lifelong memento.

Enjoy the Fun, Unique Tradition of a Baby Boy Cake Smash Session in Mechanicsburg

Cake smashes are a hollowed first birthday tradition, and your baby deserves to be part of the fun! As much fun as it is to do a cake smash at your baby’s birthday party, it can be tough to get good pictures of the experience in this setting. A cake smash session gives you the best of both worlds: you can have professional portraits of this fun tradition, but during your baby’s party, you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Complete the Picture of Your Baby’s First Year

Getting pictures of your baby’s most monumental milestones in their first year is something you’ll always be grateful for as a parent. A cake smash photo session is the perfect way to complete that picture, creating a compilation of portraits from this incredible year in your family’s life.

Celebrating Your Little Guy with a Baby Boy Cake Smash Session in Mechanicsburg

If your little boy is turning one year old, a cake smash session is a unique way to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. If you’re in the Mechanicsburg area, contact Karissa Zimmer Photography today and let’s start planning this beautiful occasion together.

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Your Guide to 1st Birthday Cake Smash Photos

Your beautiful baby is turning one: congratulations! You’ve made it through that magical yet chaotic year of infancy, and now it’s time to celebrate while also capturing this amazing milestone in your baby’s life. What better way to do that than with a first birthday photo session?

As much fun as a first birthday photoshoot is, it can be intimidating if it’s your first time. Where do you begin? How do you plan for it? What should you bring? Don’t worry, I’m here to help with your ultimate guide to your baby’s 1st birthday cake smash photos.

What Can I Expect from a First Birthday Photoshoot?

While every photographer has their own process, I’ve been working with one-year milestone photos for many years, so I’m happy to guide you through my process when I book a first birthday photoshoot near me.

We always begin with a consultation. This is when we’ll discuss your vision for your baby’s portraits and what you want from your photoshoot. We’ll talk about where you want your session to be, what specific types of images you love, and so on. I can also answer all your questions about outfit ideas for your baby, how to prepare for the session, and so on.

I offer first birthday photo sessions in two parts – usually on the same day if the weather permits. The first part is a cake smash session for your baby in my studio early in the day, where we’ll capture all those adorably messy cake smash photos. All that fun tends to make babies pretty tired, so I’ll then send you home with your baby so you can get them thoroughly cleaned up and they can enjoy a nice rest.

Then, we’ll meet back up outdoors in the late afternoon/early evening (or “golden hour” as it’s often called) for a small outdoor session. Throughout the session, you can relax, watch, and enjoy as I capture a mixture of posed portraits and candid photos that showcase your baby’s personality. We can also incorporate you and the rest of your family into these photos if you would like.

Afterward, I’ll hand edit all the best photos from your session. We’ll schedule a viewing and ordering appointment for two to three weeks after your photo session. That’s when you’ll see all your baby’s beautiful photos in a presented slideshow and you can choose the images and products you want.

Where Do I Get a Cake Smash Cake?

If you want to make it simple, I can source your cake smash cake for you for an additional fee. However, a lot of families choose to get their cake from any local bakery, or you can even bake it yourself if you’re so inclined. There are a few things to keep in mind, though.

First of all, if you’re getting the cake from a bakery, make sure to tell them that it is for cake smash pictures. Sometimes bakeries will have a stabilizer stick inside the cake, and you want to be sure there isn’t one for a smash cake.

Second, while you can get any color and type of cake you want, there are a few things to avoid. It’s best to steer clear of chocolate cake or chocolate icing because it doesn’t photograph well. The same is true for red icing. I also suggest getting a cake with icing instead of fondant, because fondant is hard to chew so it can present a choking hazard.

Do I Need to Do Cake Smash Photos for My Baby’s First Birthday Photos?

Absolutely not! Your baby’s first birthday photos are memorializing a special milestone in your family’s life, and you can make it whatever you want it to be. While 1st birthday cake smash photos are a popular tradition, you can do whatever you want for your photos.

Should I Choose a Theme for My Baby’s Milestone Photos?

Whether or not to have a theme for your baby’s milestone photos is entirely your decision. Some families want their portraits to center around a special interest the family has like their favorite sports team or their baby’s favorite cartoon. But a theme isn’t necessary. When I’m doing a 1st birthday photoshoot near me, I typically combine candid photos of the baby being their amazing self with some first birthday décor so the occasion is clear to see.

What Should I Bring to My Baby’s Cake Smash Photo Session?

When you’re getting ready for your cake smash photography session, there are a few items you’ll want to bring along. These sessions generally last one to two hours, so bring anything you might need to keep your baby (and you!) comfortable during that time. That can include diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks, and so on.

It’s also a good idea to bring an extra outfit for your baby’s trip home. I always save the cake smash photos for the end of the session because babies get MESSY! Still, you’ll want to bring anything you need to clean up your baby afterward as well as an outfit for them to wear on the way home. You might get messy in the process too, so it’s a good idea to bring an extra outfit for yourself as well.

Making Your Cake Smash Photos Special

Your baby’s first birthday is an amazing occasion to celebrate, and I’d love to help! Now that you have the lowdown on everything you need to know, it’s time to get your session on the schedule. Contact my Camp Hill photography studio today.

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Claire turns ONE!!

Doesn’t Claire have the cutest little face!? As always with my First Birthday Sessions, I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that a year flies by so quickly. It doesn’t seem like it can be that long ago that Claire was here for her newborn session! Cuteness!!!

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